Its time to head to Winfield, but funds for travel aren't coming together as hoped. To avoid missing my ninth year, I have put together a quick Winfield fundraiser. If I reach enough orders and donations, I will be able to make the trip, and will hand deliver prints. 

I am also offering Winfield photo services like photos of your set on a stage, portraits, campsite group photos for donations of your choosing. I appreciate any contributions made.

To Order Prints Contact:  or you can donate via paypal  to the same email

Prints are available at a number of different sizes:

5x7 - $5

8x10 - $10

11x14 - $20

20x16 - $40

20x30 - $60

Please put "Winfield Prints" in the email's title and attach the image/s and size you are interested in. Questions are welcome. Must be going to Winfield for hand delivery, all other orders will be charged shipping